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Bathroom upgrades or repairs are needed all the time.  We can help with faucets, shower enclosures,  toilet repair or replacements.

Carpentry is becoming a lost art.  But we still do it, from wood fences to crown moldings.

We do lots of doors.  From interior to exterior.  Wood,  metal,  composit.  We have fixed doors damaged by break-ins and make stuborn doors work correctly.

My License limits some electrical work.  However;  we can install ceiling fans, new plugs,  switches,  GFCI outlets,  even convert a current wall plug to include a USB plug in port.


Welcome to our "new" web site.  We are working to keep improving the web site to enhance your experience.  Lots of new cool stuff to come.

American Handyman was founded and licensed back in 2001.  For the most part American Handyman is a Father and Son operation.  We have a policy of doing any job we take on well, rather than focusing on just doing every job that comes our way.  We do offer free estimates to be sure you, the customer, knows what to expect and how much it will cost.  We have never asked for money up front,  you only pay when you are happy with the result.  

We don't claim to do everything,  but we still do alot.    Just call and ask.

Sheetrock gets damaged and needs to be patched up. Sometimes it's water damage, sometimes its people damage.

Whatever it was,  we can help.  

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in your house.  It needs to work for you.  If its broken or just needs updating.  Call us

We have been doing commerical work for many years.  Retail stores, Malls, Restaurants, etc.

We do email dispatch for work orders and bill out upon completion.  All our current customers are Certificate holders.


we are only a phone call away

(210) 545-5136
​for a price estimation
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